Gym schedule
  • Improve my cardiovascular capacity
    Improve my cardiovascular capacity
  • Lose weight
    Lose weight
  • Medium
  • 30-45 or 60 minutes
    30-45 or 60 minutes

What is ZUMBA STEP training?

ZUMBA STEP combines the fun party atmosphere of Zumba to the toning effect a Step class has on your legs and glutes. The routine comprises 30% Zumba moves 40% dance moves and 30% Step moves.

How does ZUMBA STEP training work?

Whether you are on, off or around the step, you will dance to the sound of the upbeat rhythms of Latino music such as salsa, merengue, cumbia, and reggaeton as well as other styles such as Bollywood, belly dancing, soca, samba, cha-cha, and African dances. A warm-up period at the beginning of the class will allow you to get familiar with the use of the step, and you'll be ready to travel the world in music using several types of dance moves. You will burn calories without noticing it! Your trip around the world will end with one or two slow paced tracks to bring your heart rate down.

Is ZUMBA STEP training right for me?

ZUMBA STEP is made of simple easy-to-follow routines, it suits anyone who loves music and feels like having a good time while working out!

What are the benefits?

ZUMBA STEP will allow you to burn off calories, have fun, and tone and strengthen your legs, glutes and hips, what more could you ask for?

Interested in ZUMBA STEP training? Try it!