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It is known that physical activity positively affect the health and well-being of employees at work. Once their stress level is lowered, their energy and motivation levels rise leading to greater work performances. It also helps adopting a positive outlook on life and contributes to weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.

Énergie Cardio supports employers in implementing and maintaining stimulating wellness at work programs and offers solutions adapting to issues employers are being faced with nowadays. We supply a turnkey solution adapted to the needs of your organization.

Health solutions and programs


Nutrition | Physical Activity | Méditation

Group class session

Training in the workplace with colleagues is fun, motivating, and effective!

Énergie Cardio Kiosk

A team will visit your office during lunch hour or at your convenience to offer training tips, dietary advice, and motivation suggestions, and to promote the partnership agreement.

Take a break with Énergie Cardio

A great way to stretch your legs and introduce some physical activity to your workday. 

Animated health walks

Enjoy an outdoor walk guided by a dynamic and motivating instructor, who will teach you simple but effective exercises! 

Physical fitness assessment

Your employees will benefit from Fitaction, our online platform for assessing and monitoring the three main components of physical fitness. 

Supervised sessions with a personal trainer

Your employees will receive personalized coaching that will boost their motivation and help them achieve their fitness goals.


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Cara Fafard
Because it's always about people.
Discover Cara and come train with us !

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Samuel Morier
Every small victory is worth celebrating
Discover Samuel and come train with us !

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Marie-ève Leblanc
Every person is different, so every training plan has to be too.
Discover Marie-Ève and come train with us !

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Ralph Germelus
I believe in your success wholeheartedly
Discover Ralph and come train with us !

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Tommy Dufour
Your success is my greatest pride.
Discover Tommy and come train with us !

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Francis Latulippe
You have to set small goals to achieve big results.
Discover Francis and come train with us !

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Geneviève Leclerc
I go back and find your initial motivation.
Discover Geneviève and come train with us !

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