• Improve my cardiovascular capacity
    Improve my cardiovascular capacity
  • Lose weight
    Lose weight
  • High
  • 30-45 or 60 minutes
    30-45 or 60 minutes
  • Average

What is STEP training?

The name of this class comes from the equipment used during the workout, a flat-shaped step. STEP is a class set to music built around a variety of fun and dynamic moves.

How does STEP training work?

The workout is divided in 4 parts. The warm-up period gets you ready for the cardiovascular segment during which your heart will beat faster and faster as you go up and down and around the step in a dynamic sequence of choreographed movements. The cardiovascular segment is followed by a cool down period comprising a series of muscle-strengthening exercises ending with stretches. If you are looking for a complete workout, STEP just might be the right one for you!

Is STEP training right for me?

Because the height of the step can be adjusted to your abilities, STEP is a workout that suits all fitness levels.

What are the benefits?

The cardiovascular segment will send your heart racing leading to an important calorie expenditure, whereas the muscle-strengthening exercises will tone your body.

Interested in STEP training? Try it!