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  • Free and unlimited access to Énergie Cardio gyms

    You will be part of the extended Énergie Cardio family, and as a result, you will have access to the largest network of franchised gyms in Québec!

  • Positive work environment

    What would you say to working and growing in an atmosphere where everyone always wears a smile? That’s what you will find at Énergie Cardio, where positivity is part of our DNA.

  • Exciting career prospects

    Do you want to learn and advance? At Energie Cardio, there is always room for people who want to move forward in their profession.

  • Flexible work schedule

    We offer our employees a flexible work schedule to make life outside of work easier. You will see that this is the ideal place for students and for family life.

  • Continuing education program

    We offer a continuing education program that allows you to enhance your knowledge and keep abreast of the latest innovations in your field.

  • Savings through partnerships

    Just like our members, you will enjoy significant savings when dealing with our many business partners, thanks to our Advantages program!

  • Savings on Énergie Cardio products and services

    We offer our employees savings on all of our products and services as a thank you for their contribution to the success of Énergie Cardio gyms.

  • Performance-based bonus program

    We apply bonus formulas to recognize the contribution that our teams make toward changing the world for the better.

At Énergie Cardio, we offer opportunities for advancement

Gym Manager Jobs
You are a leader with proven management abilities. You are organised, autonomous, and a team player.
Assistant Gym Manager Jobs
You show initiative, and have skills in sales and customer service. You excel in interpersonal relation management, you are rigorous, and a team player.
Head Trainer Jobs
You show leadership and communicate easily. Management, attention to details and team work are your forte.
Kinesiologist Jobs
You are empathetic and convincing, precise, versatile and a team player. Your clients’ achievements are important to you. You want to offer a quality service oriented towards movement for injury prevention, treatment and performance.
Personal Trainer Jobs
You are creative, devoted, self-confident, customer service oriented and a team player. You are a talented motivator, and continuously contribute to the success of your clients in attaining their objectives.
Group Fitness Instructor Jobs
You are dynamic, enthusiastic, rigorous and a born communicator people person. You have outstanding synchronism and sense of coordination; you wish to offer a personalised service to the sound of rhythmic music; you probably are the group exercise instructor we are looking for!
Physical Fitness Assessor Jobs
You are curious and detail oriented, have a strong analytic mind and deductive reasoning skills. You can accurately analyse a variety of test results into a complete physical condition assessment report for your clients.
Sales and Customer Service Advisor Jobs
You are empathetic and convincing, quality oriented, versatile and a team player. Your role is to counsel the customers on the solutions we offer to fulfill their needs.
Daycare Attendant Jobs
You are patient and kind, always in a good mood, caring, entertaining and know all safety measures related to a kids’ environment. You are a welcoming, friendly people person; you can easily establish a trusting relationship with kids and their parents.

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