Gym schedule
  • Improve my flexibility
    Improve my flexibility
  • Improve my posture
    Improve my posture
  • Medium
  • 60 minutes
    60 minutes

What is GROUP CENTERGY™ training?

Brilliantly developed and choreographed on calming music by MOSSA, LGROPUP CENTERGY™ is a complete workout drawing from Yoga and Pilates. The perfect combination to develop strength and flexibility, concentration and calmness.

How does GROUP CENTERGY™ training work?

GROUP CENTERGY™ starts slowly with a warm-up period comprising a series of simple and fluid movements. It will help you forget about your day, it will help you forget about your day, and refocus. Flowing right through to Yoga and Pilates inspired poses and exercises to strengthen your main muscle groups. The ensuing stretching period will allow you to improve your flexibility, and the last ten minutes will be dedicated to a period of relaxation and meditation beneficial to your body and your mind.

Is GROUP CENTERGY™ training right for me?

GROUP CENTERGY™ was developed for people seeking to gently improve both their muscle tone and their flexibility. Are you seeking the calm in the storm? This group class was made for you! If you are a beginner, do not worry, several options will be available to you!

What are the benefits?

GROUP CENTERGY™ will benefit both your body and your mind. You will acquire muscle tone, thus a better posture; increase your flexibility, thus better range of movement. And this, without neglecting the fact that your breathing, at the very core of this workout, will help you to get back to your centre.

Interested in GROUP CENTERGY™ training? Try it!