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A gym with something for everyone!


Discover what makes working out at Énergie Cardio such a unique experience. No matter which gym you go to, you will always find fun, accessibility and personalized coaching.

We want you to have fun

At Énergie Cardio, fun is an integral part of working out, because pushing past your limitations and reaching your goals is as motivational as it is fun! The Énergie Cardio experience is different from any other type of training. We have thought of everything to ensure that you have more fun, see better results, receive more personalized advice and benefit from more services.

Have fun while working out in a gym that is accessible to everyone

Whether you work out regularly or you are just a beginner, it is important to start by visiting one of our gyms – to see just how much fun it is to work out as part of a group, or simply to join a sporting community – and that will motivate you to want to work out and push yourself in a group setting!

With an inspirational and dedicated team

We push our own limitations every day in order to provide you with the best possible advice and all of the latest innovations in the training industry. It won’t take you long for you to see that we are passionate about what we do and dedicated to helping you reach your goals. We know that you are able to do anything, so we help you achieve more than you could ever imagine.

Join our team

We are always searching for passionate individuals who share our vision. Whether you are looking for a career or you wish to open your own Énergie Cardio franchise, we have the opportunity that you are looking for.
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Living and shared values

Recognize the ability of each individual to go further. Value effort and willpower as much as results.
Promote positivity and enthusiasm. Take pleasure in working out. Know the importance of giving as much as you receive.
Pass on your passion with conviction. Show empathy and be generous.
Recognize and respect that everyone is important, including employees and customers.
Promoting a healthy lifestyle in partnership with Fonds Josée Lavigueur and Opération Enfant Soleil
More than 10 years ago, Opération Enfant Soleil, Josée Lavigueur and Énergie Cardio joined forces to create Fonds Josée Lavigueur. This led to the introduction of the Défi Cardio 5 h, an activity that features spectacular overachievement by teams of members and employees exercising in relay format. To date, more than $4,000,000 has been raised and donated to Opération Enfant Soleil, making Énergie Cardio and Fonds Josée Lavigueur one of the largest single donors to this vital cause. The mission of Fonds Josée Lavigueur is to prevent illness and promote a healthy lifestyle among children aged 0-5 years, children with disabilities and overweight children. Thank you to everyone who takes part and supports Fonds Josée Lavigueur! Give now

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