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Work out when and where you want. With our 29 Énergie Cardio gyms across Québec, we offer unparalleled accessibility. No matter which gym you go to, you will find the same friendly and stimulating atmosphere. You will also have access to our group fitness classes and private training with our team of professionals who are always welcoming and motivational.

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Personalized training

A customized workout experience The most complete and most personalized program we offer, it is designed to determine your favourite exercises and help you reach your personal fitness goals.
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. 99
per month
. 88
per year
Discover the complete Énergie Cardio experience guided by a private trainer, and take advantage of the many benefits at our 29 gyms.

We are spoiling you
Unlimited access to the Energie Cardio network*
No admission fees
Access to all group fitness classes, including indoor cycling
Access to certified trainers
Free access to showers, saunas and locker rooms
Children’s corner (unsupervised at most gyms)
We are coaching you
4 free general workout plans each month
Access during the Coaching Hour
1 initial workout session with a professional trainer
1 personalized training program
3 workout sessions with a private trainer
1 Biotonix Fit Test physical fitness assessment
We are surprising you
Savings through our partnerships
9 guest gym passes
1 free month each time you refer a friend (if your friend signs up for an annual membership)
25% discount on items in our store
1 Énergie Cardio sports bag when you join
limited access to Goodlife network and 24 hour Fitness
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