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Free training

Free training allows you to escape to a workout room and follow your training without ever feeling like you are working out alone. At Énergie Cardio, you are always supported by our team.




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How does it work?

You will never be left on your own with no resources! When you start working out at one of our gyms or come back after taking a break, you will be invited to choose one of our Totalfitness programs and meet with a member of our team during the Coaching Hour. You will receive advice for using the equipment properly and workout tips that will help you reach your goals more quickly. This personalized greeting will help you feel more confident and ready to improve your physical fitness! Come and see what a dedicated and accessible team looks like.

Is free training right for me?

If you like to work out on your own, but still receive advice when you need it, then free training might be the right solution for you! You will have access to the workout rooms for completing your series, and you will also have access to our Totalfitness programs! These 4 training plans, which are updated every month, target 4 different physical fitness goals: muscular development, improved cardiovascular capacity, weight loss and reduction of body fat percentage, and improved general physical fitness. If you want to work out like a pro, even when you are free training, all you have to do is choose a program when you start your gym membership and consult a fitness trainer during the Coaching Hour!

On your own, but with sound advice

You can consult a fitness trainer wearing a yellow armband at any time during your free training sessions. They are there to give you personalized advice, answer your questions, ensure that you are working out safely and keep you motivated! You will never feel alone at Énergie Cardio, because you have a team of training professionals behind you!