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  • Improve my flexibility
    Improve my flexibility
  • Relax
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  • 45 minutes
    45 minutes

What is SIMPLY STRETCHING training?

SIMPLY STRETCHING is a workout built around relaxation and muscle stretching.

How does SIMPLY STRETCHING training work?

SIMPLY STRETCHING starts with a slow moving warm up to then move on to static stretches focused on all major muscle groups. It ends with a relaxation period.

Is SIMPLY STRETCHING training right for me?

SIMPLY STRETCHING was created for anyone wishing to improve their flexibility in a relaxing setting.

What are the benefits?

In a calm and relaxing atmosphere, SIMPLY STRETCHING aims at increasing the participants' mobility through exercises focusing on flexibility. It is the perfect addition to a cardiovascular workout or strength training session.

Interested in SIMPLY STRETCHING training? Try it!

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