Gym schedule
  • Tone up my muscles
    Tone up my muscles
  • Medium
  • 30-45-60 minutes
    30-45-60 minutes

What is SCULPT training?

SCULPT is a group fitness class set to music, during which the participants will exercise to strengthen the entire body muscle mass.

How does SCULPT training work?

SCULPT starts with a no impact warm-up period to continue with a combination of dynamic and static exercises aiming the entire body which participants perform with accessories such as light free weights, elastics, a step, or simply their body weight, sometimes working by isolating the muscle or in a more global, functional way. The workout ends with stretches and a short relaxation period.

Is SCULPT training right for me?

Group fitness motivates you, but you are looking for the benefits of a weight-training session? SCULPT is the answer to your dilemma. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced enthusiast, the instructor will be there to motivate and challenge you. No coordination skills required, just determination!

What are the benefits?

A complete weight-training workout aiming to improve endurance and muscle tone. It will make you feel more toned and fitter.

Interested in SCULPT training? Try it!