Gym schedule
  • Lose weight
    Lose weight
  • Improve my cardiovascular capacity
    Improve my cardiovascular capacity
  • High
  • 30-45-60 minutes
    30-45-60 minutes

What is BOOTCAMP training?

BOOTCAMP is inspired by military trainings organised into circuits and intervals. In groups or individually the participants of all levels of fitness will be able to complete simple sequences set to music. Because if this "two in one" group class, you will discover a wide variety of intense cardio and strenght training exercices that will help you develop strenght and stamina.

How does BOOTCAMP training work?

The class begins with a 7 to 10-minute warm-up period. Then comes the fun part! Alone or in teams, you begin exercising with or without equipment. You will do all kinds of exercises: free weights, steps, strength training or cardio exercises, and others inspired by the Tabata training approach. Throughout the class, the instructors motivate their troops, and individually assist participants to better perform the exercises, allowing them to advance further in their military training. The class ends with a stretching period and the satisfaction that you gave it your all!

Is BOOTCAMP training right for me?

Because our instructors always offer options to suit any fitness level, our BOOTCAMP group classes are made for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced participant, the exercises and movements will help you achieve and exceed your objectives. One thing is for sure, this group class will fully satisfy anyone seeking challenges, variety and high level intensity!

What are the benefits?

The BOOTCAMP workout is known for its numerous benefits, among which, weight loss and muscle gain. Thanks to this group class, you will significantly improve your tonus, but above all, your aerobic capacity, and this is without forgetting that you will develop some close-knit relationships with the other members of the group by participating to the various stations or intervals needing to be completed in teams.

Interested in BOOTCAMP training? Try it!