NEWBODY is a low impact easy to follow cardio and muscular class with light weights. Redefine your body and be ready to take charge in everyday activities.

Gym schedule
  • Improve my cardiovascular capacity
    Improve my cardiovascular capacity
  • Tone up my muscles
    Tone up my muscles
  • Medium
  • 30-45 or 55 minutes
    30-45 or 55 minutes

What is NEWBODY training?

NEWBODY is a unique class offering you a low impact cardio workout with light weights, which allow you to improve your cardio and tone your muscles.  Redefine your body and be ready to take charge in everyday activities

How does NEWBODY training work?

After a brief warm up, the aerobic portion of NEWBODY is done through choreographed cardio routines where you will tone your upper body with light weights in your hands.  In the second portion, you will work on muscular development working both  upper and lower body.  Your class will end with flexibility exercises.

Is NEWBODYright for me?

NEWBODY is easy to follow and is good for beginners as well as advanced students.  You only have to adjust your weights according to the intensity of your workout.  You may also do this class with no weights.  You need a challenge?  Increase your weights and get the results you want.

What are the benefits?

Newbody helps improve posture, strength, endurance, cardio and burn-off those unwanted calories.

Interested in NEWBODY? Try it!