Gym schedule
  • Improve my cardiovascular capacity
    Improve my cardiovascular capacity
  • Tone up my muscles
    Tone up my muscles
  • High
  • 30-45 OR 60 minutes
    30-45 OR 60 minutes

What is LESMILLS BODYATTACK™ training?

LESMILLS BODYATTACK™ is so energizing and is designed to push your limits.  It combines many athletic movements inspired by well known sports to improve your cardio and muscle mass.  You will sweat to the beat of the choreography.  This training is complete and includes, running, jumps, jumping jacks, burpees as well as muscular development and stabilisation.


How does LESMILLS BODYATTACK™ training work?

The 60 minutes version of LESMILLS BODYATTACK™ includes 12 songs, each one having a specific objective.  The class will start by a warmup  and will progress in intensity.  The second portion, you will feel different peeks in your cardio which will include active recuperation and muscle reinforcement.  LESMILLS BODY ATTACK ends calmly with a serie of  stretching exercises.


LESMILLS BODYATTACK is a high intensity training which demands a good physical condition in order to participate.  However, the movements are simple to execute and the certified trainer will be able to propose similar exercises according to your training ability.  Progress is noticed by participating in this class 2 to 3 times a week.

What are the benefits?

LESMILLS BODYATTACK is intense and you will definately see results :  it requires lots of energy and will burn more fat all while improving your cardio, agility as well your coordination and muscle strength.

Interested in LESMILLS BODYATTACK™? Try it!