In group classes, I'm the star of my own workout!

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Published on 8 January 2018

Group classes: motivating and adapted to each person’s level!


Limitless motivation

Good group classes rely on the teamwork of instructors and participants. They strike the perfect balance between intensive effort and fun! It’s so encouraging to feel like the star of your own workout. I’ve been taking Zumba, Power Cardio, Indoor Biking, LesMills BODYFLOW, LesMills BODYPUMP, LesMills RPM and LesMills CXWORX classes regularly six days a week for the past five years. In every class, the instructors’ contagious energy and upbeat music create a motivating atmosphere that instills us with the desire to surpass our limits.


Not just a class – a lifestyle

The instructors’ zest for life and enthusiasm follow me in all aspects of my life. For example, I listen to the music from my classes when I’m driving. It helps me remember the routines, the movements, etc. I think about them before class and once the class is over. I always leave my classes pumped and motivated to face the rest of my day. The positive energy I get from training stays with me for hours after a class. I always look forward to my classes. I’m already in a good mood when I arrive because I know that I’m going to see people who are as motivated as myself, and who I enjoy training with week after week.


The positive group effect

A group class is above all a date with myself, but I also love training with others. For me, training as a group means meeting people, helping each other, sharing knowledge and passing on positive energy. Together, we feel like superheroes ready to push our limits! Their presence helps me give 100%. I’m happy to be there, but that doesn’t mean that group classes are easy. Quite the opposite! Group classes force us to push ourselves beyond our normal limits.


I would like to extend a huge thank-you to the instructors who give so much of themselves, day after day, and fuel our will to change. Did I tell you that I LOVE group classes? 😉


Lorine Jean-Marie