I’ve Always Loved Being Active!

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Published on 27 December 2019

For a number of years, running was part of my daily routine. With more time on my hands, I wanted to push and challenge myself. I started to run more often and took up cycling and swimming. I developed a pretty nice program by myself. Yikes! What a mistake! My already low weight fell even lower. My sleep worsened, and the headaches and backaches followed :(.


                When I joined the Énergie Cardio Fontainebleau pour Elle gym, I had my doubts. I told myself over and over that the gym wasn’t for me. After giving a brief workout history to the person the front desk (Johanie Trudeau, who figured out what I needed), I was introduced to THE person who could help me. This amazing person is Kim Lafranchise, and she has been coaching me for a year. The funny thing is that it was actually HER I came to meet; she came highly recommended.


                Kim quickly understood what was happening with my body and she had concrete solutions to suggest to me. I immediately felt confident and I decided to try out her program. The two keywords: patience and discipline. I’m naturally disciplined, but as for patience...that was the biggest hurdle! We completely adjusted my diet with the help of a naturopath, as well as my workout schedule. The first three months, with three private sessions per week, helped strengthen my body. We worked on every muscle and my posture. I kept a daily journal to track my portions and my weight. Group classes were added next to increase my endurance and work on my cardio. The patience paid off! I began to see results within a few months and it just gets better. My posture is solid and straighter, I gained 10 pounds of muscle, have no pain, sleep better, and have a much bigger appetite! 


                Now I work out 10 to 12 hours a week. I did a discovery triathlon and two half-marathons. I have tons of running plans for 2020:). Kim modified my program according to my competitions and I am well prepared when they come around. I completely trust my coach and I know that when we set goals together, I’m capable of achieving them and I will get there! 


Thank you, Kim, for your sensitivity and your ease in sharing your knowledge. Thanks to you, I know my body and what it can do much better. I’m proud of the athlete I’ve become and the progress I’ve made and I’m so happy to be pursuing the adventure for another year with you.


                I’d also like to acknowledge the exceptional work of Vicky Bray and her entire team. The Énergie Cardio Fontainebleau gym is a big family. The warm welcome, atmosphere, personalized service, and quality teaching are always beyond my expectations!


Thanks to MY team ❤️