Tartare de Clarisse

Food and nutrition


Preparation:10 minutes
Published on 5 June 2017


  • 100 g of Sea Scallops (7 to 8 pieces of 15 g each)
  • 4 Fresh Strawberries
  • 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of Olive Oil
  • 2,5 ml (1/2 teaspoon) of Lemon Juice
  • 2,5 ml (1/2 teaspoon) of Maple Syrup
  • Salt & Pepper to Taste

Nutritional Values

Calories:140 kcal
Total lipids:5 gr
Total carbohydrates:7 gr
Proteins:17 gr


  1. Cut sea scallops and strawberries into small dices, place in a bowl;
  2. Add all other ingredients and mix well.
Cooked version:
  1. In a pan, on high heat, cook sea scallops for 3 to 4 minutes;
  2. Cut strawberries into small dices, mix with olive oil, lemon juice and maple syrup; 
  3. Serve sea scallops topped with strawberry salsa.



Use a ripe Ataulfo mango instead of strawberries. Replace maple syrup with orange, lemon or basil infused olive oil.