Late Night Snacks… your best bet

Food and nutrition

Published on 1 September 2016
by Isabelle Huot

It is sometimes difficult to resist snaking in the evening. And even though we are not really hungry, we often get tempted by snacks that are rich in calories such as cookies, chips, and ice cream, a lot of unnecessary calories that add up on our waist line!

Here are a few tips to better manage those cravings!  

  • Implement a routine around your meals. To do so, make sure you take the time to sit at a dinner table and eat 3 balanced meals every day.
  • Every day, eat 2 to 3 complete snacks that include carbs and proteins. A combination of fruits and nuts, vegetables and cheese, a Greek yogurt would also do the trick.   
  • Ensure you eat proteins throughout the day. Make sure to include some to every snack and meals.
  • Drink, a lot. We often mistake thirst for hunger.
  • Schedule a night time activity: walk the dog, read a book, etc.   
  • Brush your teeth right after dinner.


Let yourself be tempted by…

Popcorn, light or plain, is a guilt free snack! Two cups of plain popcorn contain
60 calories, 0,4 g of lipids and 60 mg of sodium. Enough to keep your hands busy for a good part of the evening! If you want to add a little bit more flavour, add some spices.    

Roasted chick peas are a tasty and crispy snack! Just rinse, strain and dry chick peas, spread them on a cookie sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and some spices, cook them for 45 minutes at 400 °F, and that’s it!

Two pieces of dark chocolate, a few dates, and herbal or fruit tea will take care of your sweet tooth!  

Isabelle Huot
Doctor in nutrition