I love LesMills BODYFLOW

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Published on 5 March 2018

I told myself: “This is exactly what I need!”

I tried out LesMills BODYFLOW some two and a half years ago. I had already been doing Taoist Tai Chi for ten years, but LesMills BODYFLOW is also inspired by yoga and Pilates, and that is what sparked my interest. After my first experience, I was convinced: “This is exactly what I need!”


Inspired by committed instructors

The instructors at Énergie Cardio Duvernay, where I have been a member for 15 years, encouraged me to try out this course. They respect every person’s individual limits. Nobody is judged, which makes it easier to keep at it. Their attitude encourages me to get active and work out. I also stress the important effect that music has on this experience. Music is calming and inspiring. It creates an atmosphere where you can ground yourself, feel your energy rise and find pleasure in moving your body.


It is a perfect complement to my training session

I go to 11 group fitness classes a week: LesMills BODYPUMP, RPM and CXWORX, as well as BOOT CAMP. LesMills BODYFLOW allows me to stretch and sooth the muscles I use in other group fitness classes. I love the physical benefits it gives me, despite some pain from time to time.


I feel alive

I was operated on for pancreatic cancer on February 5, 2009. Training helped me get my body in even better shape than before and LesMills BODYFLOW gave me strength, flexibility and endurance. I can now do movements again that I have not been able to do for quite a while.

It’s fantastic!


I also get to meet a lot of interesting people

There’s a great family atmosphere at the gym. That’s why I love going there. This motivates me to get involved in my own personal way, so I bring along a few small candles to each LesMills BODYFLOW class, except on Saturdays, when someone else does this. The candles create a peaceful atmosphere and help us concentrate on our own light.


That makes me very happy!

Denis Bergeron, member at Énergie Cardio Duvernay