At 39 My Body Was Already 50 Years Old!

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Published on 22 January 2016

When I subscribed to Énergie Cardio, the person I met recommended that I work out with a personal trainer because members who subscribe for a short term membership are generally less motivated. A personal trainer would take action so I enjoy physical activity, she was right! I am now hooked on working out!  

Two days after subscribing, I had an appointment with a kinesiologist for a FitTest. Ouch! The final results showed I had a physiological age of 50, but I am only 39! I weigh 158 pounds. My waist circumference was 91 cm, and the results on the treadmills were dreadful! I could not even complete more than 2 levels! Two days after that, I had an appointment with my personal trainer, Sébastien. We hit it off right from the beginning. I told him that as starters, I wanted to lose weight and improve my cardio. At the beginning, I was seeing him twice a week, but once I knew how to do my exercises appropriately, we started seeing each other once a week. He made me want to become more physically active. I also change my diet (I made recipes from the Kilo Cardio program). As he gave me tips to become autonomous in a gym, I started building up my self-confidence. I even started running 5km runs. An obstacle I had to overcome: my sciatic nerve started to hurt. But my trainer showed me how to adapt my workouts accordingly. He really listens to his clients. He wrote a « before & after » story about me and posted it in the gym, I was really touched. Now, when I go to the gym, people stop me to congratulate me and shake my hand. Several members are motivated by my story. And all this in only 4 months. I am really happy of my new lifestyle. I had my second FitTest this week: I lost 26 pounds, 12 cm of hip circumference and 11 cm at my waist. My trainer says I’m a machine!

I am proud of what I accomplished!


Sophie Dupuis