The Therapeutic Power of Sports!

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Published on 9 May 2018

I am the luckiest mother in the world! I have two beautiful daughters, aged 16 and 19. My eldest, Laurianne, is my fellow athlete (running, training, softball, cycling). My beautiful Joanie also joins us on our adventures, despite her health condition. Sports bring us together.

Joanie has a genetic disorder called COL4A1. She can’t walk or speak and can only eat pureed food. She has frequent epileptic seizures and other medical issues. Due to her intellectual disability, she also has the mental capacity of a two-year-old.

I believe in the therapeutic power of sports, and I told myself that despite her handicap, Joanie needed to stay in shape to prevent other health problems and overcome her diagnoses.

From a very young age, Joanie began doing therapeutic horseback riding, swimming, cycling, and walking. She always strives to do better and inspires Laurianne and me.

Joanie can now join us on our adventures. Last summer, the three of us participated in the Virée de la mairesse, a 15 km bike tour through the RDP-PAT neighbourhood in Montreal. Joanie was so proud! She was the star of the day, and everyone encouraged her.

The Fonds Josée Lavigueur purchased material for Joanie’s school, which significantly contributed to her successful development.

Thanks to the vibrating carpet, Joanie’s brain was able to make connections that now allow her to feed herself. Hammocks helped her develop spatial awareness and understand shifting weight and made walking possible. Floor material helped her distinguish between her body parts, which allowed her to learn how to pedal and walk.

On my end, I need to be in good shape to take care of Joanie. I make sure to train regularly, both for my physical and mental well-being!

The three of us like to move and have fun. It’s a winning formula in our unique family!

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