Support local and seasonal eating!

Food and nutrition

Published on 11 October 2017
by Isabelle Huot

Did you know?

According to the MAPAQ, if everyone in Québec added $30 worth of locally produced foods to their grocery basket every year, within 5 years, the revenue generated by the sale of locally produced foods would increase by one billion dollars.

A winning movement!

The locavore movement has several benefits:

  • Nutrient-rich foods;
  • More flavourful foods;
  • Environmentally respectful;
  • Stronger local economy.

Eating local: it’s simple!

During the summer…

  • Visit local producers
  • Sign up for vegetable baskets
  • Pick-your-own operations make for a pleasant and useful activity! 
  • If possible, plant a garden. Community garden plots are also an interesting option!

During the Fall…

  • Get cooking! Chutneys, jams, tomato sauce, applesauce … it’s time to stock your pantry!
  • Freezing is another good way to prolong the harvest season. It’s not necessary to blanch fruit before freezing, but for vegetables this step is recommended. 

During the winter, and throughout the year…

  • Grocery stores offer several fresh and processed foods that are identified with the Aliments Québec logo.  
  • Sign up for an organic basket from Équiterre, Les Jardins de la Montagne or Lufa farms through their distribution networks. 
Isabelle Huot
Doctor in nutrition