No more excuses in 2018!

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Published on 8 January 2018
by Philippe Morvan

When you’re tired, it can be difficult to find the motivation to work out. Ironically, the more active we are, the better our physical fitness, and the more energy we have. Physical activity is THE miracle cure to break the vicious cycle of fatigue. The question you should ask yourself is why you’re feeling tired. Are you busy with family? Work? Personal obligations? Well, what about you? When was the last time you took some time for yourself?

Start by giving yourself an easily attainable goal (like taking a 10-minute walk) and feel proud when you accomplish that. Every week, gradually increase the difficulty of your goal until you succeed in integrating training into your weekly routine. Not only will you feel better, your sleep and productivity will only improve. Your energy levels will also increase as the weeks progress.

To maintain good training resolutions, it’s important to know yourself and respect your fatigue cycle. If you’re exhausted in the evenings after work, train in the morning. Finding time is simple with a bit of organization! Get up one hour earlier and take advantage of your morning workout to empty your mind and spend time with yourself. Your period of physical activity will give you more than enough energy to face your day.

If your schedule allows, you can also go to the gym during your lunch break. What a great way to cut your day in half and get energized to finish your afternoon on a high note! Come nightfall, you’ll sleep like a baby.

2. « OH NO! I LEFT... AT HOME! »

You can fill in the blank with any number of items: my shoes, my padlock, my clothes, my sports bag, my deodorant, my water bottle, my music, etc. What’s the best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen? Leave an extra bag of workout clothes and accessories in your car. Never miss a workout thanks to your emergency kit!

If you use any of your extra workout items, don’t forget to replace them as soon as you get home.

Tip of the day: Don’t leave a full water bottle in your bag. You never know when you’ll need those extra workout items. If the bottle leaks, you’ll have a nasty surprise!


During certain periods of the year, we sometimes feel like we have less time. But no matter what the season, a full week is always made up of 168 hours. Physical activity specialists recommend that we engage in 2.5 hours of low to moderate exercise per week. What’s the best way to achieve this? By being organized! List your daily tasks and postpone those that are not a priority. You can then integrate a workout into your routine without interfering with your essential daily responsibilities or reducing your hours of sleep.

Sorry, your training can’t be postponed! 😉


Injuries are one of the main reasons people choose to put off training. But did you know that training can help you heal more quickly? The human body is comprised of more than 600 muscles, and each one has a very specific role. If you have an injury in your upper body, you can still work out your core or lower body muscles. In addition to increasing blood circulation and bringing essential nutrients to your muscles, training stimulates the secretion of hormones that promote muscle development and healing.

Our kinesiologists can suggest appropriate exercises for your injury to help you get back on your feet.


While having a training partner can be a great source of motivation, their absence shouldn’t divert you from your goals. Once you’re at the gym, you will be surrounded by others and won’t feel alone. If you’re looking to benefit from the group effect, you may want to join a group class. You’ll be training with twenty to forty people.

Do you prefer floor training, but your friend is not always available to join you? They may not be the ideal workout partner for you. Your Énergie Cardio gym is filled with enthusiastic individuals who are also looking for new training partners. One more reason to explore the options that are available to you. 

Philippe Morvan
Kinesiologist and training supervisor