12 benefits of strength training (especially for those aged 50 +)

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Published on 22 June 2021

There’s no doubt, the average Quebecer is currently out of shape, especially after a year-long pandemic. The benefits of weight training far exceed simply looking good in the mirror. It has many positive effects on a person’s overall health. Most adults in their fifties have a noticeable lack of muscle mass and carry too much fat. This can lead to a variety of health problems such as obesity, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, strokes, arthritis, back problems, numerous cancers and a host of other problems.

  1. Build muscle mass.
  2. Increase basal metabolism.
  3. Reduce fat reserves.
  4. Lower blood pressure.
  5. Improve lipid profile.
  6. Prevent diabetes.
  7. Increase bone density.
  8. Reduce physical discomfort in general.
  9. Improve mental health.
  10. Revitalize muscle cells.
  11. Increase physical stamina.
  12. Protect against certain cancers.

Fortunately, lack of muscle mass can be corrected. With the help of your kinesiologist or trainer and a serious game plan, it shouldn’t take too long to turn things around. Consistent training is always the key to success.

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