Hockey training

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Published on 23 October 2014
by Jean-Denis Thomson

Hockey is a sport that requires several physical qualities, and off-the-ice training allows the hockey player to develop these different qualities.

Here are a few to include in your training program:

  • Muscle power training enables the player to accelerate swiftly and to recover the puck, circumvent an adversary and stand out in order to receive a pass.
  • Cardiovascular endurance training helps maintain a high level of energy throughout the game. A good cardiovascular fitness also enables the player to recover more quickly.
  • Dynamic balance development promotes the coordination of the leg and trunk muscles. This is highly involved during a game, and the player will feel more stable and centered on the ice.

Off-the-ice training enables the players to improve their performances on the ice and to take full advantage of this amazing sport.

Jean-Denis Thomson
Kinesiologist, Training Department Director