Exercising: Fountain of Youth?

Your story

Published on 5 June 2017

Jocelyne Pepin and Jeannine Thomas are members at the Énergie Cardio club, located in Duvernay, Laval, since it opened some 20 years ago; however, their love story with physical activity goes back to much earlier than that. 


“I was born working out”!

Having practised several sports, such as volleyball and softball, during their childhood, they describe themselves as being born wearing running shoes. Then, at a time when fitness centres were not so trendy, they attended their first group fitness classes in schools and community centres. Never once did they hesitate trying new classes thus bringing some variety to their fitness routine. “I did step, yoga and aquafitness. . .”


“I use to do it because it was fun and it made me feel good, that’s why I still do it today.”

They were among the first generation of women to have both a family and a career, the first generation to experience the beginning of work-family balance. How did they succeed in including and maintaining their active lifestyle at a time when it was not appropriate for a woman to talk about sharing her time between personal activities, house chores and work? One would tell you that she was lucky enough to have a husband who admired her boundless energy and encouraged her not to give up her fitness activities. The other will explain that she had to exercise during her lunch hour to stay on course. Different times, same challenges.


“I salute Énergie Cardio.”

They both appreciate the fact that the club is located in their neighbourhood and the open mindedness of the management. “Our group contributed in launching morning classes; before us, they did not exist. When we retired, we felt like changing our routine and we asked if it was possible to add morning classes. That’s how it all started”! Through the years, the group grew, and they became just like a family. They are close to twenty participants, kids aged 65 and up, showing up for group classes in the morning, three to four times a week. “When someone does not show up for class, we worry”!


“My favourite class is LesMills BODYPUMP”!

They attend different classes every day following the club’s schedule. They appreciate the wide variety of classes offered allowing them to get a complete work out. “When we practise other sports, it shows that we work out.” Other sports? On top of your group fitness class? “Of course”! And they go on listing their weekly activities: alpine skiing and bowling during winter, and golfing “18-hole course, on foot” two to three times a week during summer. What about resting? “Sometimes we have to be reasonable and admit that we should not attend a class.”


“I feel privileged.”

Having fun is their main motivation. They recognize that they are lucky to be in perfect health, and they are convinced that their active lifestyle has a lot to do with it. One of them told us: “I work out to prolong my life”! And laughing, she adds: “I want to live healthy and die healthy”!


Ladies, we salute you! We hope that your story will inspire several others.