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Published on 1 June 2018
by Élodie Lévesque-Filiatreault

Annick, an indoor cycling instructor at the Plateau Mont-Royal Énergie Cardio centre, has passed on her love of cycling to her daughter, Kloé.

Everything begins with a passion

Annick is crazy about indoor cycling. For several years, she has been teaching classes at the Plateau Mont-Royal Énergie Cardio centre and sharing her love for the sport with its members. She enjoys livening up her classes by encouraging her students to clap or sing along to retro songs she plays for them. “I even have a student that comes all the way from Repentigny,” she says.

Continues through sharing

Annick’s daughter, Kloé, was looking for a new hobby. A ballerina since the age of three and member of her high school’s sports program, she was always an active child. However, after graduating from high school, Kloé decided to put her professional dance dreams aside and stopped dancing. She went from 25 hours of physical activity a week to none. “She no longer had an activity to get her up and moving,” her mother explains.

One evening, Annick brought her daughter to her indoor cycling class. The rest is history! Now, Kloé trains three times a week, combining group classes with workout sessions with her trainer. “There are so many different activities at Énergie Cardio for her to discover!” her mother says.

And ends with fun

Annick and her daughter, having found a new shared interest, now train together at the gym. They’ve even bought road bikes for enjoying their favourite sport outdoors. “I love sharing my passion with everyone, especially my daughter,” Annick says.

To close, I leave you with the words of Annick: “Come to Énergie Cardio to improve your skills; we’ll make you smile and help you develop your team spirit!”

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