2018’s big work-out trends

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Published on 6 December 2017
by Eveline Canape

December is a very busy month with everything that needs to be done for the holiday season. But we’re already making plans for the year ahead. If you’re like most people, getting fit or staying fit is one of your personal goals.

To stay focused, you need to find a stimulating type of training that encourages you to get moving at least twice a week, week after week. In many cases, all you need to do is add something new to your exercise regime to keep you motivated. The fitness and training industry is great at finding creative ways to keep people moving. Here are the latest trends for 2018 designed to keep your training sessions both interesting and stimulating.

Trend no. 1: Activity monitor and training technology

Between work-outs at the gym, monitor your daily physical activity levels using a wristband or a smartwatch. These increasingly popular gadgets can be used to record your daily habits and help you develop new, healthier habits. Just as eating stimulates your hungry, moving stimulates an appetite for physical activity!

Trend no. 2: Bodyweight and functional training

In this kind of training, your own weight provides resistance against gravity. At the gym, you’ve probably seen private trainers using this technique in the TRX training zone (body traction exercises using suspension straps or traction bars).

Several muscles are activated during a bodyweight training session. This type of training is therefore very comprehensive and good for abdominal gain, posture and balance. One great advantage is that bodyweight training burns a lot of calories by continuously engaging major muscles.

Functional training improves balance, coordination, strength, power and endurance.

In both cases, exercises are highly varied - pumps, traction, squats, lunges, exercises using elastics, resistance balls, kettlebells.

Although these types of exercises have existed for a long time, they continue to grow in popularity. My advice is to start this type of exercise regime with a private trainer to learn healthy techniques and avoid injury.


Trend no. 3: High-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) generally involves short periods of high-intensity exercise followed by a brief rest period. It usually lasts for 30 minutes at most. This alternation increases anaerobic capacity, burns carbs and fat and increases post-training calorie expenditure. This type of training is extremely efficient in developing cardiovascular capacity and athletic qualities. I recommend doing this training with a trainer to make sure you are performing the movements correctly.


Trend no. 4: Trained, certified and experienced physical training professionals

Private trainers and coaches are in high demand around the world. People are increasingly aware that the best way to maximize their training sessions and reach their goals efficiently is to be guided by a professional trainer. We enroll our children in ballet classes, piano lessons, and figure skating lessons to give them the best chances of success. Adults need the same support to improve and stay motivated.


Trend no. 5: Group classes

Group classes are still widely appreciated and remain very popular. There’s nothing better than having a weekly class (or better still, twice weekly) with a group instructor whose goal is to train, lead and motivate the group. You’ll also benefit from training with a group of people who share the same goal. Group classes aren’t just dance classes. They can be strength training, functional training, high-intensity interval training, yoga, indoor biking, etc. I recommend trying as many different courses as possible to find the best fit and the best motivator for you. You’re sure to find one that’s right for you!

Trend no. 6: Strength training

Strength training is still a popular way to keep fit and healthy. The old myth that lifting weights will necessarily pump you up has been debunked.  Strength training exercises are now fully integrated into exercise regimes for all types of clients: those wishing to lose weight, those wishing to boost their sports performance and those undergoing rehabilitation.

It’s important to bear in mind that there are as many training options as there are people. No matter what training trend or method we use to keep fit, the key to success is motivation. To keep motivated, you need to vary your exercise routine. Try something new and explore different trends!

My last piece of advice is to make a date with yourself for a work-out. Write it in your agenda. Commit to training at least twice a week. To increase your efficiency, find a partner to train with. Not only will you have a personal commitment to training, you’ll also be accountable to someone else.


Wishing you a great workout!

Eveline Canape
Vice-President Énergie Cardio