Softening of sanitary measures

Since March 12, 2022

Here are the dates to remember:


Since March 12:

💉 The vaccination passport will no longer be required. Therefore, all clients whose payments had been suspended due to the vaccination passport, will start again according to the payment schedule provided in your contract.


Since March 14th :  


👯 There will no longer be a capacity limit in the training rooms.   

👍 Social distancing will be one meter and must be respected at all times.   

😷 You will have to wear your mask when you move around while respecting the one meter distance at all times.   

💦 You must clean and disinfect the equipment after each use. A disinfectant bottle will be given to you on arrival.    

🚴 Reservations for indoor cycling classes will continue to be required. For all other group classes, you will no longer be required to make a reservation. We are going back to normal, first come first served. 


For more information on all the sanitary measures in effect, you can consult this link.

Have a great workout!

The Énergie Cardio team