You are never too old to start training

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Published on 7 January 2019

You are never too old to start training


Josée Rodrigue, who celebrated her 52nd birthday last September, began training with me four years ago. When she first came to the gym, her goals were to improve her running performance and to stop injuring herself. After setting several personal 5K and 10K records, Josée realized that she increasingly preferred weight training over cardiovascular exercises. She decided to work on building muscle mass and strength, a goal we quickly achieved.


This was when her dream of participating in a powerlifting competition was born. She quickly developed a passion for maximum strength training. Although the sport initially felt very intimidating, Josée did the impossible and participated in her first competition, the “Black Sheep Barbell Club” Classic, last month at Crossfit Lévis. Thanks to her months of excellent preparation, she successfully completed her nine lift attempts and set a personal record for each lift (squat, bench press, and deadlift).


Weighing in at 210 kg, she now qualifies for the provincial championships in her category (but with the competition around the corner, we won’t be participating this year). I especially want to emphasize Josée’s perseverance. On several occasions, she questioned her goal following minor injuries and discussions with people from her entourage who could not understand her interest in the sport.


Olivier Le Blanc

Lead Trainer 

Énergie Cardio St-Romuald