SOS lunches! When inspiration is running low.

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Published on 22 July 2019

It’s already back-to-school season. It’s crazy how fast the summer flew by. September is back-to-school season, which means it’s time to get back on track. Fall is when spontaneity gives way to organization, and that includes meals! For school or work, kids or adults, it’s time for a lunch upgrade. Packing lunches feeling like a chore? Don’t worry! This article is designed to make lunches fun again, with a twist, of course!


Bento it

Bento is a Japanese term that simply means “quick food.” I’m sure this definition has already piqued your interest. You can purchase bento-style dishes for added convenience, but they are not essential. Bento boxes are sealed containers that are divided into small sections. The idea is to design your lunch with whatever you can find: crackers, hummus, cheese, vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, etc. It’s that simple! For a full meal, be sure to include at least some vegetables and a protein source.


Bowl it

Get a head start on the weekend. You can easily change up your bowls from week to week. Be creative by combining:

  • A grain: quinoa, barley, whole-wheat couscous, wild rice.
  • A protein: meat, fish, tofu, edamame beans, legumes, tempeh, etc.
  • Choice of vegetables. Try them spiral style! This is a fun way to add some style to your bowl.
  • Try a vegetable oil-based house dressing, fresh herbs and delicious mixed vinegars. Greek yogurt is also a great healthy dressing alternative.


Simmer it

Try using a slow cooker! If you are not comfortable with the latter, I highly recommend using a cookbook made specifically for slow cooker recipes and integrating at least one slow cooked creation into your week. Stock up! This is perfect for lunches. To start, try:

  • Lentil soup.
  • Chili con carne.
  • BBQ pork tenderloin.
  • Minute-ready spaghetti sauce.


Ditch the deli meats!

If you haven’t done so, it’s time to say your goodbyes to those delicious delicatessens. Step aside ham sandwich. While deli meat can be a great option on occasion, eating a sandwich every lunchtime can get boring, not to mention its low nutritional value. If a cold lunch and a sandwich are more your thing, choose a quality protein like chicken breast, egg, tuna, or pork roast, and top it off with some whole-grain bread, light cheese and vegetables!


In all honesty, I’m ready to put the summer excesses behind me for a few months! After all, this new routine has some great advantages!


Happy back to school!