🎯 S-M-A-R-T & S-E-X-Y GOALS 🎯

Motivation 101

Published on 25 January 2022
by Patrik Painchaud
Setting goals is not something we do only at the beginning of a new year and reaching them does not happen just because we set them. The best goals combine desired results to realistic expectations (rational aspect), as well as a high level of desire to reach them (emotional aspect). 


Your goals must be action/result-oriented, they must be S.M.A.R.T.
  • Action-oriented goals focus more on what you need to do to reach your goal. For example, “I want to work out three times a week”;

  • Result-oriented goals can be attained using different means and involve several actions. For example, “I will loose the 10 pounds I gained during the pandemic”;

To do that, you can decide to work out twice a week and take one day per week to prepare healthy meals for the week. These are action-oriented goals!
  • A SMART goal is so much more than an intelligent objective... If we deconstruct the acronym, SMART means: 

👉 S for SPECIFIC: your goal must be simple, clear, without any ambiguity
👉 M for MEASURABLE: it goal must be quantifiable and include success indicators
👉 A for ACHIEVABLE: it must include realistic (but ambitious) means to ensure success
👉 R for RELEVANT: the goal must take into account constraints (environmental, resourced, result-based, etc.)
👉 T for TIME-BOUND: the goal must be time-based, time-limited

Here is an example of a SMART, result or action-oriented goal:

“I want to run in a 10k race that will take place at the September 2022 Colour Festival; to succeed, I will run twice a week, at the gym and outdoors, with a Personal Trainer”..


Even though our frontal brain forces us to find solutions to our challenges, our limbic brain (emotional brain) just will not cooperate and will have our plan fail. This is why our goal must be S.E.X.Y. 😊

👉 S for STIMULUS: you must feel emotions to spark your desire;

👉 E for ENGAGEMENT: you must make a promise to yourself, and if not enough, you must make a commitment with a strong ally, such as one or several training partners or Personal Trainers;

👉 X for EXCITING : you must find an activity that excites you;

👉 Y for YES!!! : Visualize yourself once you reach your goal, once you succeed and scream: “YESSSS! I did it!!!”

To conclude, remember that if your fitness goal is really important to you, you will never let any obstacle get in your way. Instead, seek support with specialists, our Personal Trainers and kinesiologists, for example. They are there to crush your obstacle and lead you to success!

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Patrik Painchaud
Patrik Painchaud B.Sc., Kinésiologue et propriétaire des gyms Énergie Cardio de Terrebonne et de Fontainebleau pour Elle.