2022 Fitness Trends

Motivation 101

Published on 11 January 2022
by Eveline Canape

This is the time of year when we look at what is ahead with glittery glasses filled with hope and light. The older I get, the more I realize that, that light comes from within ourselves, from our deepest and most legitimate wishes for what is best for us. To want to become this person who will light up our own eyes with happiness, love, and gratitude day after day… Looking at our reflection in the mirror.

Is this what we call magical thinking? Wishful thinking? Empty resolutions? Or is it that for just a short moment, we know we are totally capable of reaching that shinning version of ourselves… If only we knew how to get there and stay there!

I hope I can help, even if just a little, with all I have learnt over my 35 years of experience as a physical educator, helping people in their journey to well-being.

Still today, a large portion of the population chooses physical training to find the energy and strength to regain control of their lives and attain their dreams. With reason! We all know that when our body is strong, enduring, and flexible, it reflects on our mindset as well, and our entire life starts to sparkle!

2022 Fitness Trends

Every year, several surveys are conducted worldwide to determine fitness trends. Among those, the famous worldwide survey, conducted for the 16th year in a row by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACMS) with more than 4,500 health and fitness professionals, show that the use of Wearable technology has reverted back to the first position, that Hybrid memberships, giving access to facilities and at home virtual trainings follows in second position, Outdoors activities in third position, followed by Strength training with free weights, Exercise for Weight Loss (that I’d rather name Fitness training for a balanced body-type), Personal Training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Body weight training, Online live and on-demand exercise classes, and Health and wellness coaching (mind-body).

Those are only the top 10 trends among a list of over 45! As you might have noticed, there is something for everyone, every taste, need, fitness condition, and schedule! And if you don’t identify with any of those, or if what you chose to go with no longer suits you, you probably need the help of a professional to better guide you; the secret is in the hues and details, and they can’t be overlooked or underestimated; only a fitness professional can tweak them to come up with a made-to-measure program.

Those Little Changes That Make All the Difference

Your body and mind are not always in synch; as a matter of fact, they can sometimes appear to be going in opposite directions …😊 They don’t work at the same pace and don’t react to the same stimuli. Some days, you love training so much and give it your all that your entire body ends up hurting, whereas the day after, you could easily find a million reasons not to go to the gym or turn on your online session.

Don’t see your training as humdrum and rigid, instead see it as a HEALTH BREAK adapted to suit your needs. Several fitness enthusiasts already understood that. This is why the second 2022 trend IS Hybrid memberships; memberships that allow you to train either at the gym or at home. It gives you all the possibilities… From “I only have 30 minutes to spare before the kids come home and dinner prep… Quickly to the computer for a virtual fitness class in the living room” to “I need to feel the energy of my Zumba class, my PT, my treadmill neighbour” to “I think a yoga class with the kids would benefit all of us tonight”.  

Support… The Key to Success!

Too many people give up on their dream of a SHINNING NEW ME for lack of support. If you have been trying to integrate fitness training to your life for years, and have not succeeded yet, it is time to change strategy for a proven one! A gym, a trainer, a fitness class, a live online class, a virtual workout, a combination of all that!

That’s what our industry is all about! That’s what our mission is! That’s what our passion is! That’s our “raison d’être”! Supporting you, surprising you, teaching you, challenging you, healing you, guiding you, motivating you, putting you back on your feet, listening to you, cheering you on, holding your hand, prodding you, seeing you succeed, seeing you SHINE with happiness and pride!

We adapted, innovated, shared, trained, and equipped ourselves. We are here, multi-skilled, more tech-savvy, ever-present as never before!

And what if the new trend that changed everything was the realization that you need to reach out, not just to get a vaccine, but to get the support you need from fitness professionals.

They are there for you, with you, in our gyms and on our virtual platforms, so that finally, HEALTH BREAKS get to be an integral part of your daily life… So that you ALWAYS can see YOURSELF SHINE in the mirror…


Happy New Year to all of you!


Eveline Canape
Vice-Présidente Énergie Cardio