Motivation Through Diversification

Motivation 101

Published on 11 October 2017
by Philippe Morvan

Let me describe a moment for you; that moment when you set a new goal for yourself. A goal that you really want to achieve, but one that requires a large dose of motivation. You may have already attempted it, and given up—but this time is different. This time, you’re convinced that you’ll get there!

Why do we feel so confident when we’re getting ready to face a challenge? Is it due to the anticipation of trying something new? Imagine that you’re going shopping for a new workout outfit. A new shirt, some pants and the shoes of your dreams. The second after making your purchases you can hardly wait to put everything on. You’ll probably wear that outfit several times during the first few months. Yet slowly, the pieces will lose their appeal, and become just like your other clothes. You loved them so much—but both their newness, and your interest for them gradually faded away. 

The feeling we get when we’re about to begin something new seems to be a key factor in our motivation. With this in mind, it seems that an interesting option to consider would be to vary our workouts in order to maintain our highest level of motivation. Here are a few tips to help you implement changes that will have a positive impact on your motivation: 

  • Vary your workout routine to include some group classes. The music, encouragement from the instructor and other participants, as well as the group effect, will help you push yourself beyond your limits. Jump on the occasion to try a class that fits in with your goals. 
  • If you typically work out by yourself, try it with one or more partners. Working out with family or friends encourages cohesion, which will provide you with support, enthusiasm and motivation.
  • Another alternative to help you diversify your workout routine is to seek out help from a personal trainer. They can not only provide you with what you need to achieve your goals, but they’ll also surprise you with something new every step of the way!
  • Perhaps you don’t like to work out alone and already prefer a group setting. Try a DUO workout with a partner. With a partner you’ll be less likely to cut corners or find excuses for yourself. Another great way to enjoy working towards your goals!

Interesting fact: A survey carried out by the firm Lanla revealed that our clients had more motivation when they combined several of these workout alternatives. Which new idea will you try out this week?

Philippe Morvan
Kinesiologist and training supervisor