Motivation comes in training!

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Published on 1 February 2019

I’ve experienced weight problems my whole life. I tried dieting a few times. For a while I even believed that eating less would help me lose weight—but it never did. All I was doing was playing yo-yo with the numbers on the scale.

Over time, I discovered a passion for belly dancing. This activity taught me to feel better in my own skin, so much so that I even started performing on stage.

However, despite the dancing, I saw that my weight was becoming an everyday challenge: I was tired, I had no cardio endurance, and even shopping for clothes had become a chore.

In August 2017, on the advice of a loving, supportive partner, I decided to go check out Énergie Cardio and give it a chance. I was already familiar with the training rooms, as I had tried to exercise there a couple times before without much success. My lack of motivation had left me discouraged without fail. But this time, it was different. During my first visit to the local Énergie Cardio, I inquired about sessions with a private trainer. I finally decided to seek the help of a coach and try of few group classes.

More motivated than ever, I tried Bodypump, Zumba, Cardio tae-boxing cardio Pilates Movement, yoga, Step, CXWorx, and more. I tried the whole kit and caboodle! Most importantly, I learned to love every class for the positive effects they each had on my body. The private sessions with my trainer were very demanding, but I kept going back week after week. The more I went, the more my body needed to go. Naturally, I had pain in my body, but I was progressing and improving, mainly thanks to the Énergie Cardio team: my coach, the group class instructors, and even the advisers, who encouraged me day in, day out. To date, I have lost almost 80 lb!

Every time you enter an Énergie Cardio centre, you feel like you’re coming home to a family who will help and support you when you need it most.

This year, I even took part in my very first obstacle course, the Mud Girl Run. I loved my experience so much that I registered for next year’s Prison Break race. Wish me luck!


Caroline Bourget