Ice Cream Anyone

Food and nutrition

Published on 29 June 2020
by Isabelle Huot

Ice Cream Anyone? 


Do the ever-increasing choices at the local ice cream parlour still leave you scratching your head? Let’s take a quick look at what’s on offer.



Dairy-free, the sorbet is the best option for those who are lactose intolerant. But take care if you have allergies, as it can contain up to 5% milk solids! Sorbet is basically sweetened and frozen pureed fruit! While it contains less fat than ice cream, it is also much sweeter. Something to remember if you’re diabetic.


Frozen yogurt

Made with a yogurt base, the majority of frozen yogurts have less fat than ice cream. Some companies now offer frozen Greek yogurts. A great choice! As well as being low in fat, frozen Greek yogurts contain a significant amount of protein.


Ice cream

Is ice cream more your thing (like me 😊)? No problem! If you stop by the ice cream parlour—treat yourself! To avoid consuming too many calories too quickly, opt for a smaller size. Then, enjoy the moment and savour your ice cream worry-free!



Do you know the difference between gelato and ice cream? Ice cream is made with 35% cream, while gelato is made with whole milk (3.25%). Good news for gelato fans! Gelato is not as rich as regular ice cream. Also, the mixing is different, with gelato being stirred more slowly. It has less air so the texture is a fan favourite.


Isabelle Huot
Doctor in nutrition