I did it. Now it’s your turn!

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Published on 23 April 2019

November 2016 to April 2017: 120 lb lighter

July 2017 to today: hitting the gym 4x a week


For much of my youth, I was extremely overweight, and was considered to have Class 2 (nearly lethal) obesity.

A year ago today, I reached the end of my weight-loss journey, losing a total of 120 lb over five months!

I know what it’s like to get up every morning feeling bad about yourself, to view every inch of your body as ugly, to avoid cameras, to take a quick look at yourself in the mirror while avoiding your own shameful gaze. I know what it’s like to live on the receiving end of other people’s judgmental glances because of your physical appearance, to be rejected by potential dates because you don’t fit the beauty standards of the 2000s. I know what it’s like to eat your emotions, overeat, feel guilty about it, and then go to bed knowing it will all start over the next day.

Engaging in this struggle with yourself is hard. Many have written to me asking, “Whoa, what’s your secret? How did you do it?”

Here is my miracle formula: perseverance, courage, determination, pushing your limits, prioritizing yourself, and passion. These are all qualities that I discovered during my internal struggle and that I continue to apply to my daily life.

For a year now, I have known what it’s like to get up in the morning feeling proud. The pride of overcoming this challenge has allowed me to grow as a person and better understand the meaning of “healthy body, healthy mind.” I am now able to love the man I see in the mirror and leave my home to face a hypersexualized society.

One thing I will always remember: no bite of junk food will ever be worth losing the feeling of pride and well-being I have today. No matter who you are, be good to yourself.


I did it. Now it’s your turn!