How working out changed my life!

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Published on 26 March 2019

How working out changed my life!

My name is Maude, I’m 26 years old, and I live on Montreal’s North Shore. On May 8, 2017, I had my annual checkup with my family doctor. As usual, I was dreading the appointment—having to climb up on the scale and get lectured about my excess weight. When I arrived, my doctor weighed me and performed the usual tests.

I was 25 years old and weighed 250 lb. My doctor told me I was starting to develop problems caused by high blood pressure. I won’t lie: I left her office in tears. I told myself that it couldn’t go on like this. I was unhappy, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and so exhausted all the time that I had to take naps whenever I could. I wanted children but I kept asking myself how I would manage.

How will I find the energy to keep an eye on them while they play? I wanted to be an active mother for my future children I wanted to be their role model. But that was not going to happen with the lifestyle I had. That’s when it clicked. On that day, I set out on my journey. I began by changing my diet and going for a walk every evening. That July, I started an interval running program to eventually run a 5K.

I still remember my first session: Three 30-second bouts of running interspersed with 30-second walking breaks. I thought I was going to keel over, but I persevered. By August 15, 2017, I had already lost almost 40 lb. thanks to my new diet and the beginner’s running program. But I wanted to go farther, and knew I was capable of more. I went to the Énergie Cardio centre near my work, did a trial session, and got a 1-year membership. From that point on, everything was different. I tried every class that came with the membership: Bodypump, Step, Zumba, Buns of Steel, Bodyflow, and more.

My energy levels skyrocketed! I was hooked on the new Maude. In addition to the centre’s classes, I ran outdoors and snowboarded in the winter. By February, I wanted even more! I had lost 80 lb. and felt ready to do more targeted workouts at the centre, so I had a private training session with a trainer at the Duvernay Énergie Cardio. I continued to participate in a few classes, but also began weight and cardio training as recommended by my trainer. I lost another 10 lb. and my body transformed and became more toned. Now I’m 26 years old, 90 lb. lighter, and happier than ever.

I’ve started going on long hikes that span several days, which my old self would never have thought possible. Although I made this change happen on my own, I would like to thank Énergie Cardio for being by my side throughout the journey. I would also like to thank the class instructors for being so motivating day after day.

—Maude Cajolet