How to Eat Well at a Ski Resort

Food and nutrition

Published on 3 December 2018
by Isabelle Huot

This article will help you make smart food choices... even at a ski resort!


Ski season is open, and we couldn’t be happier! However, it’s not always easy to make good food choices at the resort’s cafeteria. On average, one hour of alpine skiing burns 350 calories in women and 480 calories in men. Some of the dishes served may contain two or three times as many calories. Poutine, pizza, burgers, and fries are the stars of the cafeteria.


While bringing your own nutritious lunch is undoubtedly the best option, you can also take time to look over the available menus and choose something healthier. Pasta and chili con carne or veggie chili are good choices for a hot meal. They will fill you up with carbs to fuel your muscles while skiing. Vegetable soup (albeit quite salty) and an egg or tuna sandwich on whole-grain bread will also do the trick.


Be careful to stay hydrated. Cold weather suppresses the urge to drink. Thirst is less noticeable at –15 °C than during heat waves. What’s more, advanced athletic wear, specially designed to wick moisture while retaining heat, makes you feel like you’re sweating less. But watch out: dehydration affects even the most seasoned skiers. Headaches, dizziness, and difficulty exerting oneself often signal the start of dehydration. To prevent this, it is essential to drink plenty of water (350–500 mL) before any physical activity and to keep drinking during the activity. Don’t feel like cold water? Choose a hot liquid instead! It will encourage you to drink more.


Now get out there and hit those slopes!

Isabelle Huot
Doctor in nutrition