How do I find the Motivation to Work Out?

Published on 1 June 2018
by Lait au chocolat

Are you looking to get—and stay—in shape? With these exercise routine tips, it’s a cinch!

1. Find an activity that interests you

It’s always easier to take part in an activity you enjoy than forcing yourself to do one you dislike. When being active makes you happy, it’s easy to stay genuinely motivated from start to finish.

2. Find a partner

Because two is always better than one, find a partner to get you moving! They not only keep you motivated, but also hold you accountable when you miss a workout. And when you’re feeling discouraged, your partner will be there to cheer you on and bring you back to the gym!

3. Reward yourself

Set a goal. When you reach it, reward yourself: a spa day, a night at the movies, or new workout attire, for example. The idea is to create a positive association between the achievement of a goal and the joy you feel when you reward yourself. In addition, small and intermittent challenges are easier to overcome than bigger ones and help you to stay on course.

4. Develop good habits

When you add physical activity to your schedule and create a routine, it’s much harder to make excuses for skipping a workout. Like any reflex you develop, being disciplined becomes second nature, and after seeing all the resulting benefits, you’ll want nothing more than to keep at it!

5. Seek the help of a personal trainer

Calling on a professional to help you get in shape is a great way to stay motivated. A private trainer will help you to set goals, create a routine adapted to your needs and reality, and, above all, measure your progress. There’s no better way to build confidence!

6. Get inspired

Do you admire others—an athlete or a neighbour, perhaps—for their diligence and dedication to their sport? Use them as a source of inspiration! If they are reachable, why not talk with them about their routine and ask them for advice on applying their methods to your own routine? It’s guaranteed to get you motivated!

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