Five fitness apps to help push you to your limits

Motivation 101

Published on 1 July 2018
by Élodie Lévesque-Filiatreault


This app is just like having a coach in your pocket. It lets you track your sports activities and create training plans.

You can also track the progress of your workouts thanks to the statistics compiled on your performance, such as heart rate, distance, running time and calories burned. It lets you measure your progress in terms of specific goals. You’ll even get notifications when you’ve broken your own record or reached your set goals.

The added bonus is that the app talks to you! During your workouts, the app will announce the number of kilometres completed and the time elapsed to keep you motivated. You can also save your favourite routes so you can do them again later.

*The app is mostly free, with some options available for purchase. You can choose what options you wish to purchase.



This is an amazing app for tracking your food, which is important for all athletes.

The app functions as a food journal, which helps you stay on track with your good habits. Whether you want to lose, gain or maintain your weight, it’s the perfect app for you! The app counts your calories, thanks to over 4,000,000 food items saved and daily contributions.

It’s truly the easiest way to count the calories you eat in a day, and you can even save your favourite meals and food items. You can also track your workouts. The application calculates the number of calories you ate or drank, as well as the number of calories burned during workouts, to give you a fairly accurate total of your calories consumed in a day.

Your goals are also customizable based on your profile (diet, age, gender, level of physical activity, etc.). As a bonus, the app shows your progress on a small chart, which keeps you motivated!


*The app is mostly free, with some options available for purchase. You can choose what options you wish to purchase.


Nike+ Run Club

In my opinion, it is THE best app to stay motivated. Nike+ Run Club invites you to participate in weekly and monthly distance challenges to help you stay motivated and active. There is also a customized coaching program, defined based on your needs and goals, which adapts to your schedule and your progress. You can earn trophies and badges that highlight your performances, such as your best 5 km running time.

In addition to sharing your performances with your friends, you can cheer them on during their run, as if you were with them in real time. Why not challenge them at the same time?



This app is perfect if you’re new to running, as it helps you find routes and tracks.

The app is not only helpful for running, but it is also very helpful for workout classes, yoga, walking, cycling, cross training and many more. In fact, you can save your performances and routes so that you can compare and beat your own records during future workouts.

Of course, you can also add your equipment, and you will be notified when it’s time to replace it. For example, you can add the brand of your running shoes and enter the number of kilometres completed, and the app will send you a notification when it’s time to change your shoes.

You can also participate in friendly competitions, register your name at the top of the best-time list and earn rewards.


*This application is free, but you can choose the chargeable option – the MVP subscription – which creates a customized training plan based on your objectives and tracks you throughout your entire process. You choose which option suits you best!



Personally, this is my favourite app for running and cycling. Like a number of other apps, Strava lets you track your activities by measuring your speed, the distance travelled, the number of calories burned, the altitude of your route, etc.

Its little bonus is that all Strava users can share their routes. The app shows you different route segments where you can see the best time completed on this path so you can compare your performance. You can also easily preview your workout before leaving, because the app shows you the altitudes you will encounter along the way.

The app also suggests monthly challenges to help you exceed your limits, as well as friendly competitions to help you reach the top of your ranking on a given route segment.

If you prefer running with a group, you can join a running club through the app. It will show you all the clubs available to you as well as upcoming activities, and you can participate in discussions and receive the latest news.


*The app offers a 30-day trial period. Afterwards, it operates on a monthly subscription basis. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you decide it isn’t right for you.


A number of great fitness apps are available. Just find the one that’s right for you, that keeps you motivated before, during and after your workouts!

Élodie Lévesque-Filiatreault
B. SC. Communication and Polics and Digital Content Specialist at Énergie Cardio
First sales and customer service advisor in a gym and then assistant director and now specialist in digital content for Énergie Cardio, she will motivate you to achieve your goals! In her articles, she will share with you inspiring stories from members of the Énergie Cardio network, as well as tips and tricks for active and healthy living that are used by Énergie Cardio employees!