Fighting Stress in Teenagers

Motivation 101

Published on 5 July 2017

Over the last few years, several published studies underlined the fact that kids are more and more stressed and anxious.


Did you know that endorphin, also known as the « happy hormone, » is produced when practising a sport? It produces beneficial effects against anguish and anxiety. 

Here is another reason to encourage your teenagers to get moving this summer. Why not convince them to take advantage of the “Bouge” program specially designed for teens between 15 and
17 years old, allowing them to work out for free in any Énergie Cardio centre, until August 31st. 


Need additional motivation?

Did you know that adopting a healthy lifestyle is much easier when you are surrounded by people who share the same interests as you?  

Working out with a friend or a family member allows you to share special moments in a fitness club: fun, sweat, efforts and successes!   


Why not combine the ”Bouge” program with our DUO personal training offer! Whether you pick a friend or a parent, dare to share your personal trainer and enjoy work out sessions like never before! You could even share your fitness goals and reach them together!


On the menu this summer: a new way to share time with your child by bonding, overachieving and building self-confidence.