Eating Well While Camping

Just for fun

Published on 20 June 2016
by Isabelle Huot

With your family’s help, make a list of fresh foods that require little preparation, as well as non-perishables that you all like. Take a little time to prepare some crudités. They’Il remain fresh and crisp if you pack them in an air-tight container. Stored in a cooler, they’ll keep for several days. Fresh watermelon or pineapple prepared in advance are juicy and nutritious dessert choices. Opt for food that you can prepare on the spot, like strawberries, grapes and miniature carrots. Single-size cans of flavoured tuna become very practical for midday cravings. A refreshing recipe of lemonade prepared with water, lemon slices, mint leaves and a bit of sugar can also be prepared in advance. Lemons aid digestion and have antiseptic properties from which you can benefit. On the grill, replace regular sausage with soya sausage (clearly less fat) and eat your lean-meat burgers on whole-grain bread. Come late evening time, around the campfire, try roasting whole-wheat mini-bagels or pop some corn the natural way (cooked in aluminum foil). These alternatives are definitely healthier than the traditional marshmallows…

Isabelle Huot
Doctor in nutrition