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Published on 26 August 2020
by Isabelle Huot

Working from home has affected our lifestyle habits in a major way. Constant access to food, difficulty concentrating as the kids vie for our attention nonstop, anxiety about the health crisis—the list of reasons why our eating habits have been upended goes on and on. No problem! Since back to school means getting back into a routine, now’s a great time to rethink your diet. Here are five expert tips!


► Eat at set times


Even though you’re working from home, try to recreate your schedule from when you worked out of the house by eating three meals at set times. Don’t eat in front of your computer, and take a full 30 minutes to enjoy your lunch.


►Prepare snacks in advance


When the munchies strike, that bag of chips starts looking pretty good—unless you’ve already cut up some seasonal veggies and cheese cubes. Consider preparing a few snacks in advance so you don’t end up resorting to junk food.


► Plan your menus for the week


If you finish work late, it’s a safe bet that you’re not in the mood to go grocery shopping! Make sure you have everything you need for dinner. Drawing up your weekly menu on the weekend and buying ingredients in advance is sure to relieve some stress. That’s also why I released the book Tous à Table! : vos menus solution famillea few weeks ago. It’s a great way to plan your meals for the week.


►Drink moderately


Has happy hour become an everyday occurrence? It’s time to get back to your pre-COVID habits. Did you used to drink on the weekend only? Re-establish that rule.


►Stop eating your feelings


Has the health situation made the whole family anxious? Have you been using food to relieve that anxiety? Pay attention to the emotions you’re experiencing. Food is not the way to cope with these feelings.

Isabelle Huot
Doctor in nutrition