Why group classes Are Still the Best Training Method in 2019

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Published on 23 April 2019
by Nathalie Bouchard

Group classes are sometimes seen as outdated; but in reality, they’re the future!

We know that, although today’s technology can sometimes isolate us from one another, we are more than ever looking to be part of a community. Group classes are the perfect place to do this. They bring people together who share—or will share—a common passion! They unite those who have decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

What’s more, an instructor is there to support you and help you achieve your goals. Exercising as a group somehow makes us stronger and more motivated!

Although group classes have always been around, they have been reinvented over the years. Gone are the days when we specialized in a single type of activity and believed that constantly repeating that activity was the key to success. The evolution of how we exercise has resulted in a new kind of group class with more variety and possibilities. This is the experience we’re offering you.

You can choose from over twenty different classes depending on your mood and current needs. All the classes we offer can be easily adapted to your desired level of intensity and the types of classes you enjoy.

There you have it! Group classes are not simply a trend; they offer you more versatility for your workout routine!

Nathalie Bouchard
Group Fitness Supervisor