Training Column: Showing Up for Training

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Published on 1 October 2020
by Jean-Denis Thomson

After years of gym training, I have made the following observation: showing up and enjoying your workout are key factors in achieving your training goals. I would also add having a clearly defined goal as another key factor.


When starting a training program, set a realisticschedule for training frequency and duration. To do this, review your weekly schedule, and if you can fit in two 30-minute workouts a week, you’re already on your way to improving your fitness and living a healthier and more active lifestyle. But, I have to say, that’s the bare minimum. After several workouts, once you’re set in your routine, you’ll have the urge to train more. When that happens, increase the frequency or duration of your sessions. This will take your progress to the next level. 


Many other training variables are key to seeing guaranteed results:


  • A stimulating training program (types of exercises, training methods, novelty, etc.)
  • A training program suited to your goals
  • A training program adapted to your fitness level
  • A muscle and cardiovascular training intensity that challenges, but doesn’t burn you out
  • A diet adapted to your needs, tastes and preferences  


Here’s a tip: hire a personal trainer for an eight-week session with one to three sessions per week or periodically for an hour once a month. These are two great strategies that will help you keep showing up, stay motivated and make training more enjoyable.


Remember, the more you train, the more fun it becomes. Just stick with it and you’ll achieve your goals.



Jean-Denis Thomson, B.Sc.

Training Department Director

Jean-Denis Thomson
Kinesiologist, Training Department Director