Top 5 Tips To Keep The Shape

Published on 11 October 2017

1. Indulge yourself every day

Do you feel guilty after eating certain foods that aren’t very healthy? Perhaps this is because you don’t allow yourself to eat them occasionally? People often deprive themselves of eating sweet or rich foods out of fear that their weight or health will be affected; however if you never allow yourself “treats,” you’ll tend to eat more. So indulge yourself! Feel like ice cream? Go ahead and have some; there’s no need to worry, over time you’ll end up eating less. Your craving for ice cream will dissipate as you eliminate your perception of foods that you’re not “allowed” to have.

2. Make yourself want to get moving

Physical activity is nothing new: we know that moving helps us stay in shape. The hardest part is beginning an exercise program, but once you start feeling the benefits, you won’t be able to stop! In order to ensure daily physical activity, you need to find what you like; is it lifting weights at the gym, running, playing badminton twice per week, taking a Zumba class, or walking? It doesn’t matter. Venture outside of your comfort zone and enjoy whatever physical activity you chose.

3. Take a look in your pantry

You don’t need to eliminate foods or ban sugars to eat well. The benefits of healthy eating are based on the big picture of what you eat, not one individual food. For example, many people think that eliminating bread will help you to be healthier, but your health doesn’t depend solely on your bread consumption... It also depends on the variety of fruit and vegetables that you consume, choosing foods that are less processed, the amount of sugar added to your breakfast cereal, etc. Adopt a global overview of your fridge and pantry. Think about including more nutritious foods that will inspire you to cook: fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables, canned legumes, barley, quinoa, milk, Greek yogurt, cheeses with less than 20% fat. 

4. Listen to your stomach

Eating is a basic need, which is why you must eat when your body sends you hunger signals. If you ignore the signs, you are at risk of “excessive hunger.’ You’ll eat too much and too quickly! Another danger is eating robotically, while watching television or being occupied on your computer; mechanical eating disconnects you from noticing feelings of fullness, causing overindulgence. Over time, eating more than your body needs can lead to serious health problems. So resolve to listen to your hunger and fullness signals, take the time to pay attention to them! 

5. Give up diets

There’s no way around it, diets just don’t work! Besides being impossible to maintain over a lifetime, diets can lead to eating disorders and can even contribute to weight gain over time. Simply say “no” to strict eating that would have you ban chocolate or count your calories. Balance and variety are your closest allies!

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