Myths about group classes: what’s true and what’s false!

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Published on 27 February 2019
by Nathalie Bouchard

Myths about group classes: what’s true and what’s false!

If you have never taken a group class, you probably have some preconceived idea that is preventing you from taking action. It’s now time to examine your objectives and overcome this obstacle!

It’s for girls: FALSE. Welcome to 2019! In the past, group classes were indeed more targeted at women. But with new programs, the evolution of physical training, and younger teams, there are now just as many men as women. Everything depends on the type of class you choose, but trust me, there’s something in them for guys too!

There are too many steps and I don’t like dancing: You no longer need to have good coordination to take part in a group class. Today’s classes include military cardio and LESMILLS BODYPUMP, which do not require moving around or coordination, let alone dancing. The sequences are now very simple so as to emphasize the intensity, efficiency, and quality of executing the movements.

Everyone will look at me: Forget that! Although we’re in a group, everyone is doing their own workout. So, even if you get the impression that others are watching you, remember they are all too busy focusing on their own training and achieving their own goals. Don’t forget that people who are keen on group classes also started somewhere: in exactly the same place as you! What’s more, most gyms no longer have mirrors at the front of the room. It’s a pity for those worried about their hair, but it’s great for those who want to go incognito!

I won’t know what to do: When you arrive, don’t hesitate to go and see the instructor to tell them that it’s your first time. Your instructor can advise you if you need equipment and is also trained to offer as many tips as possible so that you are supervised and supported throughout the class.

I have to wait to be fit to go: I would say that that is one of the worst excuses! We do exercise to get fit, so why train before training? Again, everything depends on the type of class you choose. Remember also that, no matter what class you choose, there are different options for movement and intensity. So even if you are just beginning, you can use the content as much as your neighbour who has already been working out for months! It is better to start slowly and leave the room once you’ve had enough, and then come back stronger the next time!

In conclusion, there is something for everyone and all tastes! Choose what makes you happy and what motivates you. Also remember that nobody is forcing you to stay there and that the door is always open. If you don’t like it or you didn’t choose the right kind of class for you… well, just try something else!

Trust yourself and trust us!

Nathalie Bouchard
Group Fitness Supervisor