How to Successfully Complete the Défi Cardio 5 Heures Challenge

Motivation 101

Published on 9 May 2018
by Eveline Canape

Whether this means walking an 18-hole golf course, cycling along a panoramic bike path, or climbing a mountain, exercising almost continuously for five hours is a huge challenge for a lot of us. But sometimes we do it with both enjoyment and enthusiasm without worrying about our performance.

The reason I’m bringing this to your attention is, a few days ago, we launched the Défi Cardio 5 heures challenge, which aims to collect $500,000 for Opération Enfant Soleil’s Fonds Josée Lavigueur. Since the challenge was launched, I have been repeatedly asked the same question: HOW AM I GOING TO DO IT?

When faced with this type of challenge, figuring out HOW you’re going to achieve it isn’t enough; above all, you need to know WHY you want to achieve it. WHY you feel proud, vibrant, and alive after achieving your goal and sharing this experience with others. WHY your heart is filled with joy and pride, even though your body is exhausted.

The WHY is what motivates us, not the HOW. HOW is a question processed by our analytical brains (the cortex) while WHY is a question analyzed by our emotional brains (the limbic system). The limbic system is a vital element of our memory and emotions. It’s the decision-maker!

So, how are you going to exercise for five hours during the Défi Cardio 5 heures challenge? You can run or walk on a treadmill, work out on an exercise bike, or join a group activity. Ask your friends, family, and trainers to join you. Remember that every step you take will help our children lead better lives so that they can also keep active, laugh, face challenges, and create happy memories. The key is to stop being scared of being scared. Picture yourself when you complete the Défi Cardio 5 heures challenge: you’ll be proud of your achievement and pleased that you raised as much as possible for the children through donations from your generous family and friends.


Eveline Canape
Vice-President Énergie Cardio