Guaranteed Success with Private Training

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Published on 1 February 2020
by Jean-Denis Thomson

Ever felt you weren’t progressing fast enough? Ever hit a training plateau? Ever wondered if you were doing an exercise properly? Ever asked yourself other training-related questions?


If the answer is yes, there’s a solution to all your questions—a private trainer. For many, the role of the trainer is unclear—they count reps, talk about this and that, etc. Let’s clear up the role of the trainer once and for all. Here’s a short list of ways a private trainer can help you reach your goal:

  • Analyzing your set goal
  • Determining your physical condition
  • Determining your technical level
  • Planning training routine
  • Prescribing a stimulating and tailored training program
  • Adjusting the duration and intensity of training sessions to your energy levels
  • Identifying barriers that may arise during the training year and helping you avoid or overcome them
  • Making sure to create positive physiological adjustments
  • Making sure you stick to your training routine
  • Monitoring your diet and healthy lifestyle habits
  • Answering your training-related questions (e.g.: Is it better to do cardio before or after strength training? What is a drop set? What is the VO2max?)


As you can see, using a private trainer to achieve your goal really pays off. The question you need to ask yourself is: “Do I really have the time to try out various methods, make mistakes and limit my progress?” You can call on the guidance of a private trainer, like all athletes do.


Finally, did you know that over 93% of Énergie Cardio members surveyed (over 12,000) are completely satisfied with the services provided by their private trainer? If you have any questions, please make an appointment with a fitness professional at Énergie Cardio.

Happy training :) 

Jean-Denis Thomson
Kinesiologist, Training Department Director