Group classes have evolved!

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Published on 26 March 2019
by Nathalie Bouchard

When was the last time you attended a group class? Did you know that, much like training methods, group courses have evolved?

Time to dispel those preconceptions! Group classes in 2019 have nothing to do with aerobics and ankle warmers. Today, they’re a great way to get motivated as a group and benefit from structured training as part of your gym membership.

They no longer involve blasting over-the-top, intense disco and pop music at deafening volumes. The music used nowadays is adapted to the type of exercise and aims to help participants push themselves, experience the essence of the class, and work on achieving their goals!

Today’s group classes offer several training solutions for building endurance, developing cardiovascular capacity, improving flexibility, and preparing for cycling season, among other things. Given the incredible variety of training and content, you no longer need to love dancing, singing, and shouting to find a class for you!

The class “animators” have become instructors. They’re still there to entertain you, but their main mission is now to support you in your training, ensure that you participate, and keep you motivated to come back week after week!

So… which class will it be?


Nathalie Bouchard
Group Fitness Supervisor